• Sometimes the assertion “I’m a practical person” can be a not-so-subtle way of implying that anyone promoting an alternative view resides in the zone of impracticality. Sometimes it is also a way of advertising oneself as having a monopoly of practicality and commonsense. (Occasionally what is offered as passing for commonsense is actually common rigidity.)
  • Self-proclaiming one’s own practicality is often a way of cloaking more embedded assumptions and positions:
  1. “I only believe when I can put my hands in the wounds – and I can’t afford the time to invest in exploring these alternative options and ways of thinking….”;

2. “I do not need to test or examine my assumptions”;

3. “Everything that I don’t know is airy-fairy cloud-cuckoo-land stuff that I don’t need

to check out…”;

4. “The limitations of my personal experience and personal knowledge do not affect the

validity or authority of my views…”;

5. “Better doesn’t exist – or, certainly, much better does not exist – and we needn’t

bother or upset ourselves by trying to locate better for purposes of inspiration and


6. “I’ve confirmed the soundness of my views by conferring with like-minded people”;

7. “My mind is closed.”

Signed: Brendan Broderick, CEO

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